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By: Sandra Kienle

Twitter launched 10 years to the day of this writing. Who could have guessed a tool so simple, limiting users to interactions 140 characters at a time, could revolutionize both media and interaction in the manner it has? 

Pay attention to news long enough, and you are bound to stumble onto horror stories of Twitter's negative impact on people in the workforce. Its reach and immediacy can quickly turn an inappropriate joke, like that which spawned the infamous "Has Justine Landed?" hashtag, into a pink slip. 

But for every such misstep, there are scores of success stories that go unreported. 

Twitter's reach extends to the job market, creating a two-way avenue between candidates and employers. The vast connectivity of the platform has given job seekers a one-stop shop for keeping tabs on opportunities, transforming the once-cumbersome task of scouring classified sites into a duty as simple as tailoring ones feed.